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Cory Florist was first founded in 2006 by a young man whose dream was to share the beauty and love of flowers to all people, to deliver this great gift and creation from Mother Nature to everyone.

Inspired by Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), his willingness to share his knowledge of wealth and his desire to serve people, and most dearly from Mr Christopher Lim of Christanio De Florist, Who, for his enduring love, creativity and appreciation in Floral Art, sparked the birth of Cory Florist - Flowers For Everyone.

Cory comes from the name Corydoras, a species of small bottom-feeder fish that work endlessly looking for food, which also living only together as a group. Similar as these fishes, Cory Florist will work endlessly only to serve the community and exist by serving the community.

With the guidance and teaching from Christopher Lim, our AIFD certified Artist with 24 years of experience in Floral Design and Arrangement. (American Institute Of Floral Art) Cory florist promise to bring you the most beautiful and unique floral Art directly to you, your love ones and friends.

With Our colorful logo of Cory florist, we strive to bring out new creative ideas and bring floral gifts to a different level and present them to everybody.

Yes!, Cory Florist's main objective is to serve and we promise to provide
the most reasonable and value-for-price products to all our customers!