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GO 02 - Geared For success
Our Price: $58.00

Reward your partner’s success and meritorious work by presenting him this prize of excellence, comprising of shocking pink gerberas and elaborate red ginger flowers.
(Approx. Ht: 6ft or 180cm)
GO 03 - Prosperous
Our Price: $68.00

Bring in the wine. Toast to success on this memorable occasion with lucky red anthuriums filled with golden phoenix on this prosperous floral stand.
(Approx. Ht: 6ft or 180cm)
GO 12 - Whisper Of Success
Our Price: $69.00

The color red signifies happiness and luck. Complemented with red ginger flowers and warm yellow chrysanthemums, the floral stand will ignite a cheerful smile on your recipient’s face for it beckons the winds of fortune and success.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm)
GO 11 - Dual Congrats
Our Price: $88.00

There is nothing like a dual congrats of red and yellow gerberas to brighten a spectacular event. With a rain of glimmering golden shower orchids, it’s sure to glitter at the opening.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm)
GO 13 - Double Distinction
Our Price: $90.00

Bring joy to your business associate with this 2 tier stand of exuberant pink lilies and warmly pink carnations that will sprinkle showers of success upon them on this magnificent event.
(Approx. Ht: 6 ft or 180cm)
GO 08 - Glorious Passion
Our Price: $98.00

Like a scene at the mountain summit, this beautiful stand inspires the same kind of awe that is just as enthralling. Surprise the guests with this warmly mixed of dark pink gerberas, pink carnations and pink ginger flowers which will invite praises & exultance.
(Approx. Ht: 7ft or 210cm)
GO 05 - Glorious Smile
Our Price: $108.00

Revel in the glorious moments of your grand opening with this impressive stand of cheerful red gerberas, red ginger flowers together in the rain of golden shower orchids that bears rising hopes of smiles and prosperity.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm)
GO 15 - Prestige
Our Price: $108.00

Give the deserving winner a standing of ovation. Add on to the rousing applause with this ravishing stand of heliconias, anthuriums and purple pink orchids. Let this fantastic stand put a winsome smile on the face of your honored recipients.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm)
GO 14 - Impression Tower
Our Price: $119.00

Congratulate a business associate for reaching the acme of achievements with a towering stand topped with alluring blooms. A striking color of red anthuriums, yellow lilies and sunflowers will definitely captivate both the host and guests.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm)
GO 04 - Touch Of Success
Our Price: $128.00

Sound the triple trumpets of success. This three – tier floral stand of lucky red gerberas, heavenly white gerberas & auspicious yellow gerberas will certainly grab the attention of all individuals.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm)