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HB 02 - You Are Special To Me
Our Price: $88.00
Sale Price: $78.00
Savings: $10.00

Blue Colour Rose represents your aching desire for her, your mind is flooded of her all day. She is so special to you that a thousand words is never enough to put forth her importance to your life. Someone who you only want to live with and never to without.
HB 04 – Be mine!
Our Price: $78.00

Glowing in the enigmatic moonshine, these red roses blush with luminosity that make them stand out radiantly from the Whitle Baby's breath and fillers. These ravishing blossoms emanate a perfume of mystique that'll keep her utterly spellbound to you.
HB 05 - I Love You
Our Price: $89.00
Sale Price: $78.00
Savings: $11.00

The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world
is a women's heart. Lavish the love of your life with an extravagent
display of red roses and Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. The sweet golden chocolate of everlasting love is guaranteed to leaver her breathless.
An All Time Favourite!
HB 12 – Burst Of Gerberas
Our Price: $78.00

Shine the burst of gerberas on someone special. These cheery red flowers will illuminate her surrounding with a zesty vibrancy. Friends will envy as they watch her beauteous countenance shimmer with jubilation as she breaks in this lively exhibition of nature’s jovial blooms.
HB 13 – Enchantment
Our Price: $78.00

Put your hands together & give a rousing applause to the success of your love ones and bestow them with these colorful orchids of Singapore, splendidly set in our exclusive elegant bouquet with wonderful fillers. At the sign of this magnificent arrangement, your receiver is sure to swell with pride & elation!
HB 16 – From My Heart
Our Price: $78.00

Words cannot begin to describe her alluring femininity. Her hypnotic charm renders you speechless. With these delicate red roses with white phoenix & baby's breath, express adulation to the sweet lady from you heart. You’ll be lost for words when she plants a tender kiss on your forehead after receiving this enchanting bouquet.
HB 01 - You're Gentle And Graceful
Our Price: $79.00

This resplendent Bouquet eagerly proclaims your affinity for her. The dainty Pink Roses, paired with purple static, reveal your unceasing affections for her in a most tender way. These pretty blossoms will surly melt her heart & make her feel a sky of sweet affection for you.
HB 03 - Sweet Sentiments
Our Price: $79.00

Alluring, desirable and sensational.Tulips are meant for perfect lover.
Present your love with this winsome sentimented bouquet of tulips intermingled with blushing berries and fillers to demonstrate that you're madly in love with her!
HB 06 - Love Eternity
Our Price: $79.00

"Only you can make me feel this way, only you can fill up that
special place in my heart" - Yellow tulips symbolised how hopelessly you are in love with her, she's your one and only. Recognizing that she means so much to you, she'll be beaming with immense felicity!
10 imported tulips with baby's Breath arranged in a Country style.
HB 08 - My Princess
Our Price: $79.00

You’ve never experienced such pure bliss until you got to know her. Her unassuming nature allows you to open up to her unreservedly, creating an inner mirth that transcends the realm of the fathomable. These pearly white lilies magically translate your profound euphoria to demonstrate how dearly you’re attached to her. It is a bouquet from your heart to someone you love so much!
6 White Lilium Lilies with Imported Fillers