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WC 02 - Gentle Thoughts
Our Price: $64.00

Mend broken hearts with these purple orchids and oriental lily, laced with yellow spider pom pom. A perfect reflection of your warm thoughts as friends and family deal with the passing on of someone dearly missed.
(Approx. Ht: 5.5ft or 165cm)
WC 04 - Sweet Farewell
Our Price: $65.00

A glorious display of brightly hued floras will help lift the spirits of the bereaving. The richness of yellow spider pom pom and orchids will surely leave a feeling of warmth in their hearts.
(Approx. Ht: 5.5ft or 165cm)
WC 05 - Silent Moment
Our Price: $65.00

Green is the color of nature, which signifies renewal & harmony. The healing colors from this stand of yellow chrysanthemums & white orchids will bring peace to the hearts.
(Approx. Ht: 5.5ft or 165cm)
WC 03 - Remembering Forever
Our Price: $71.00

In tribute of a joyous life, send a floral stand of yellow gerberas highlighted with cream white phoenix for a special remembrance of the departed who will be greatly missed.
(Approx. Ht: 6ft or 180cm)
WC 13 - For Honor and Glory
Our Price: $72.00

In the loving memories of someone of great respect and integrity. Pay your tributes with this elegant floral stand of yellow chrysanthemums framed with white mixed flowers..
(Approx. Ht: 6ft or 180cm)
WC 01 - Tranquility
Our Price: $76.00

A pure & loving gesture can be expressed with this glorious stand of white trumpet lilies and white phoenix. With leaves gracefully cascading down in a gentle style, it’s a wreath that mimic the embrace and tranquility you hope to give to the bereaved.
(Approx. Ht: 5.5ft or 165cm)
WC 08 - Loving Remembrance
Our Price: $88.00

Let these flowers be your messengers to convey what is often difficult to express. Say in good taste with graceful white orchids & purple poms that send a message of love and remembrance during this time of loss.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm)
WC 10 - Loving Memory
Our Price: $94.00

A traditional wreath presentation symbolizes eternal life as the memory of the departed always live. Send off the loved one with these calming white gerberas and purple phoenixes to convey your comforting condolences.
(Approx. Ht: 7ft or 210cm)
WC 07 - Solemn Silence
Our Price: $97.00

Put your tender words into flowers with this cordial wreath of soft yellow pom poms
& colored chrysanthemums. It brings tender sentiments of empathy & condolences to the family.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm
WC 11 - Touch Of Glory
Our Price: $99.00

Reminisce the late loved one who’s now in a place of glory, with this towering 2-tier stand of green orchids and untainted yellow carnations arranged in designer style.
(Approx. Ht: 6.5ft or 195cm)